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Yatana was an attempt to depict stories of those women who are tormented in silence and yet have never given up .  Shot in a small studio in Delhi , the theme encapsulates the states of mental/physical agony of suffering women who suffer in the hands of men and society


This story and this poetry is an ode to those brave women:


“They say you’re supposed to be safe under your shelter,
I’ve never felt secure in mine.
Each night like a thunderstorm,
he comes and tears me open
meanwhile I bear the heavy rain in silence.
The crimson blood mourns at my loss,
the walls stare at despair, the ceiling quiet and the mirror showcases the ugly truth.
He might win this fight for now,
as with every wound he offers,
I die a little everyday.
But in someplace, somewhere, someone wins for me, and someday, perhaps, I see myself winning.

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